VITTA Academy deliver a Methodology which nurtures the holistic student through 4 key areas: Tactical, Technical, Psychological, and Physical


Focus on Strategic and Tactical development to provide the ability to plan actions, analyse information, and create different solutions to attain the best results.

Implementing tactical training are carried out on the following steps:

• Gathering Information through Perception and analysis (situation occurrence – situation recognition – situation analysis)
• Analysing Information to create Mental solution (solution proposal – solution selection)
• Solving and execution through Movement solution (solution execution, feedback)


Development of specific motor skills that is required in accordance with the Rules of Table tennis, Biomechanical rules and movement possibilities are called techniques, and by encouraging the specific individual to adjust the technique is referred to as style.

This process is not linear but a long-term process with 3 key stages:

• Drills – This stage introduces, defines the tasks in line with the discipline and technical requirements of table tennis.
• Improvements – This stage is about the gradual improvement and adjustment of techniques to develop a strong interconnection with the brain and body.
• Stabilization – this stage is where we go into more in-depth improvement combining physical, psychological aspects into technique


This area’s development minimizes the effects of negative mental influences and at the same time positively fortifies our students’ mind to achieve their best performance whilst under pressure.
Our approach addresses the regulation of mental states, interpersonal relationships whilst taking account the students’ own personality and sportsmanship.


This developmental area is primary focused on the systematic development of motor abilities and its integration through sport skills in a selected sport discipline.

With the following abilities being our focus:

• Force and Strength Abilities
• Endurance Abilities
• Speed Abilities
• Coordinative Abilities
• Flexibility


We focus on the 360-developments of the students, encouraging individuals to become the very best version of themselves.

VITTA Academy focuses on putting our children first, knowing we are a guild and a mentor for their Table Tennis development and outside in life too.

Our holistic sports education represents a carefully planned approach that encourages personal development, positive attitudes, effective social competencies and technical mastery.

At VITTA Academy, Mai Hoang My Trang and the coaches design training programs that suit each student’s level, progress and needs. With her experiences as a table tennis trainee in the past and her warm and caring personality, Mai Hoang My Trang ensures that all students can enjoy the very best coaching and training in a safe environment at VITTA Academy.

Sport education does not only aim to develop players’ physical capabilities but is essential in the development of mental, emotional, and psychological aspects.

VITTA Academy by Mai Hoang My Trang equips students with crucial life skills such as focus, determination, problem-solving and resilience. All skills that will be essential in our children’s future.

Busy modern life distracts parents and forces them to leave their kids too much time playing with tech devices such as mobile phones and tablets which do no good for the kids’ holistic development. In that context, sports are an essential alternative. Children can get physical exercise at the same time by learning much more than just sports.

We utilise a holistic Sports education approach in our table tennis programs at VITTA Academy to unlock students’ potential and reach their highest performance as well as build essential life skills.


Vietnam International Table Tennis Academy by Mai Hoang My Trang uses the power of transformation through Sport education. We apply this in our programs to allow students to unlock their full potential.

Based on these 4 key areas, not only do we provide the most complete, experience, but it also supports the 6 Cs OF EDUCATION and equips our children with essential skills to navigate throughout life.

Based on these 4 key areas, not only do we provide the most complete, experience, but it also supports the 6 Cs OF EDUCATION and equips our children with essential skills to navigate throughout life.

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